Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October 22nd!

Our Lady of the Turks by Carmelo Bene

Nostra Signora dei Turchi
1968, Italy, 124’, colour

Independent filmmaker Carmelo Bene makes his debut in this feature that concerns the murder of the Saracens in the city of Otranto centuries ago. Our Lady appears at various times in the film, symbolic of the carnal desires and spiritual dreams of all men. Flashbacks and avant garde cinematic techniques provide passages of erotica and black humor on occasion. The story was taken from Bene's own novel as the author oversees all aspects of writing, production and direction in this experimental and provocative film.
Director: Carmelo Bene
Cinematography: Mario Masini
Special effects: R. Marinelli
Editing: Mauro Contini
Music coordinated by Carmelo Bene
Production: Carmelo BeneCast: Carmelo Bene, Lydia Mancinelli,
Ornella Ferrari, Anita Masini, Salvatore Siniscalchi, Vincenzo Musso