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16mm print, 102 min 1964
Produced by Frederick Wiseman and directed by Shirley Clarke and based on the novel by Warren Miller
Filmmaker Shirley Clarke ("The Connection") directs this powerful, stark semi-documentary look at the horrors of Harlem ghetto slum life filled with drugs, violence, human misery, and a sense of despair due to the racial prejudices of American society. There is no patronizing of the black race in this cinematic cry for justice. A fifteen-year-old boy called Duke is ambitious to buy a "piece" (a gun) from an adult racketeer named Priest, to become president of the gang to which he belongs, and to return them to active "bopping" (gang fighting) which has declined in Harlem. It is a clearly patent allegory of an attempt by Duke to attain manhood and identity in the only way accessible to him - the antisocial one. from IMDB

The Cast
THE COOL WORLD, screenplay by Shirley Clarke and Carl Lee, based on the novel by Warren Miller and the play by Mr. Miller and Robert Rossen. Directed by Miss Clarke and produced by Frederick Wiseman. Released by Wiseman Film Productions. At Cinema II, Third Avenue and 59th Street. Running time: 105 minutes.
Duke . . . . . Hampton Clanton
Luanne . . . . . Yolanda Rodriguez
Priest . . . . . Carl Lee
Blood . . . . . Clarence Williams 3d
Angel . . . . . Joe Oliver
Miss. Dewpont . . . . . Marilyn Cox
Mrs. Custis . . . . . Gloria Foster
Grandma . . . . . Georgia Burke
Littleman . . . . . Gary Bolling
Mr. Shapiro . . . . . Jerome Raphael
Hurst . . . . . John Marriott
Rod . . . . . Bostic Felton
Beep Bop . . . . . Charles Richardson
Warrior . . . . . Bruce Edwards

Miss Clarke uses her camera to assemble facts and observe, to establish the nature of the environment and chase after the characters who interest her. She follows them, watches them closely, regards them in intimate, personal scenes. But the attitude in which she functions as a recorder is that of the outsider looking in.
New York Times Review

Film Society Schedule Fall 2014

9/9    My Name Is Johah
10/15 Andean-Garde: Experimental Documentation in the Andes(1963-2014) Juan Daniel

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

9/17/14 Hope Tucker

 Hope Tucker visits Film Society with new selections from THE OBITUARY PROJECT, a compendium of media that expands what we know as a daily narrative form as it gives new life to the antiquated documentary practice of salvage ethnography.
Tucker has animated cyanotypes of downwinders; photographed fallen witness trees and decaying civil rights era landmarks; recorded mobile phone footage of the last public phone booths of Finland; written the text of a video out of paper clips, a Norwegian symbol of nonviolent resistance; and retraced the path of protest that closed the only nuclear power plant in Austria.
Works from the project have recently screened at 21er Haus, Vienna; 25fps Festival, Zagreb; Ann Arbor Film Festival; European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück; International Film Festival, Rotterdam; Iowa City Docs; Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Torino; New York Film Festival; Seattle International Film Festival.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

9/10/14 My Name is Jonah

What is the secret origin of this self-proclaimed 'real-life warrior, adventurer and musician'? How has he gained his tremendous cult following?

Steel yourselves for a quest to explore how this enigmatic personality came to be and the powerful effect he has on all those he meets.

Prepare to be amazed at just how ordinary your own life really is...
You people are WEAK.

About the filmmakers:

Phil Healy is a Boston filmmaker and comedian who’s worked on both coasts in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles respectively. W hen not working or writing on short films he’s a freelance teacher, editor, and producer for various companies and organizations. He currently resides in North Reading, MA with his wife and two dogs.

JB Sapienza is an award winning experimental filmmaker, cartoonist and musician from the Boston area. His cartoons are on permanent display at the Boston Children's Museum and the Boston Children's Hospital. He currently lives in Jamaica Plain, MA with his wife, and dog.

Jon Caron is an award winning graphic designer and photographer. He also has extensive experience in marketing, advertising and web design. When not immersed in a project, he enjoys digital painting and lifting heavy objects repeatedly. He currently lives in Manchester, NH and has neither a wife, or dog.