Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MassArt Film Society October 15th!

Shelly Silver's in complete world
premiered on September 24 at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC to an overwhelming response. Audience members said again and again that this film needs to be seen right away, by as many voting aged viewers as possible. In colleges, community cinemas, on television, everywhere - before Election Day, November 4, 2008. in complete world is a 53-minute documentary made up of street interviews shot throughout NYC. Mixing political questions (Are we responsible for the government we get?) with more broadly existential ones (Do you feel you have control over your life?), the film centers on the tension between individual and collective responsibility.-VDB

Sue Friedrich's From the Ground Up
The definitive scoop on the coffee trade.
"With deep intelligence and a very light touch, Friedrich invites you to wake up and smell the global economy."-Stuart Klawans, author of LEFT IN THE DARK

Bruce Conner's Report
A meditation on violence using edited and re-edited stock and filmed television footage of Kennedy's assassination in 1963.