Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 29th 2008!

Torsten Zenas Burns


Spectral space station training, etheric man-infestations,
re-imagined educational workshops, obsessive compulsive androids, gestural researchers, and semi-dead hosts are entwined at the spirited spine in this selection of works by video makers who work together and apart. These Collaborative works between Torsten Zenas Burns, the Halflifers, Darrin Martin, The Foundry, Virocode and Michael O’Malley chart
a processed terrain of variable speculative fictions.

Ship to Ship (3:00 - variable date) - Torsten Zenas Burns & Mike O’Malley
Extending Trainer: Pressure suits & Broom-crafts (21:00 – 2007) Torsten Zenas Burns
Afterlifers: Walking & Talking (Extendead version)
(23:00 – 2008) HALFLIFERS(Torsten Zenas Burns & Anthony Discenza)
I am today’s lesson plan – (11:00- variable date)Torsten Zenas Burns & Darrin Martin

Torsten Zenas Burns received his BFA in experimental video in 1990 from the New York State College of Art at Alfred University and his MFA in video and performance art from The San Franscisco Art Institute in 1993. He has created & curated video and installation projects exploring speculative content, including reimagined educational practices, experimental space programs, zombie /afterlife relationships, medical manifestations, and improvisational splatstick choreographies. Other projects include long term collaborations with Anthony Discenza under the name HALFLIFERS, media artist Darrin Martin ,and VIROCODE. Burns' video work is distributed by Vtape, Canada, The Video Data Bank in Chicago, Lux Center in England, and Recontres Internationales Paris/Berlin. Over the past 10 years Burns has participated in 8 residency programs including Headlands Center for the Arts, L.M.C.C. World Views Studio Program and Eyebeam. Burns has had video work screened at the the Museum of Modern Art's Video Viewpoints and Premieres series, the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Pacific Film Archive,Cinematexas, Aurora Picture Show, Scanners: The New York Video Festival, The New York Underground Film & video Festival, The Chicago Underground Film & video Festival, the European Media Arts Festival, the Impakt Festival, the Melbourne International Film Festival,the Oberhausen Short Film Festival, and the 4th Busan,Korean international video festival. In 2008 he curated for the Stuttgarter Filmwinter festival for expanded media, HHORRRAUTICA (an ongoing research initiative fusing reimagined horror,medical,and communication hybrids.)