Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4th 2008


November 4th

Alan Gray

article in the weekly dig:
FASTER THAN A FAX MACHINE a 90minute music documentery also live music by Chris Wilhelm and Noah Appel. Also Bullet.
Follow the day-to-day drama of singer/songwriter Chris Wilhelm and aspiring rapper/rocker Garland “Bullet” Cook as they set out to make it in the music industry. Chris, and Bullet do their best to balance day-jobs with their never-ending love and passion for writing and performing music. Humor and drama unfold, as these two very different artists taste both success and failure, all the while never giving up on their dreams.




Alan Gray Filmmaker Bio
Alan Gray has been writing, shooting, editing, directing, and producing short digital movies ranging from sci-fi horror to homage to 1930's gangster films. He now has completed his first feature length documentary.

His other passion is music. Playing music at a local ice cream store one night introduced him to one of his documentary subjects and the other subject serendipitously showed up one day at his office job, and at that moment the project was launched. On his own, he shot his two subjects for a year in the subways, nightclubs, and streets of Boston. After working another eight months in post-production on the project, the result is a movie of emotional depth, and a sincere appreciation for each subjects stories. Alan spends his spare time painting abstract portraits of women's faces.