Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 5th 2008!

November 5 (Filmmakers will be present)
Adrianne Jorge MAKING OUR OWN
This 40-minute documentary follows Boston-based band Neptune as they tour the world with their handmade scrap-metal and electronic instruments. A lifestyle portrait, Making Our Own not only exposes the every day moments and challenges of a band on the fringes of mainstream culture, but also captures the spirit and drive of a collectively created and genre-defying international music community. With interviews and performances from bands, bookers, managers, and fans that Ms. Jorge encountered along the way, including Amsterdam legends The Ex, Roman visionary noise band, Zu, and more.
Ericka Beckman 135 Grand Street 1979
In August 1979 I shot a evening of downtown NYC art scene bands in my friend's loft. I co-produced this evening for VPRO television from Rotterdam. They heard about our party clubs in the late 70's, where many artists and musicians gathered to jam. VPRO wanted to do a story on these bands for their current culture magazine program. Together VPRO and I shot small format Super-8 film with two cameras. The image has a soft look of the time, since many artists were using Super-8 film instead of video for their film work. We recorded the tracks on a full track Nagra 1/4 inch recorder, so the sound quality is excellent.
After the magazine was aired in Fall 1979 in HOLLAND, I received the materials and the rights to use them. They stayed in a box until this Spring, when I was contacted by the MET Museum to cut it for their upcoming April 2009 show 'The Picture Generation'. Sonic Youth heard about this film as well, and asked to use it in their traveling show 'Sensational Fix', which is touring Europe starting July 2008 through 2009. Some of the bands are: Static, Theoretical Girls, John Lurie and Rhys Chatham-Ericka Beckman