Tuesday, January 17, 2017

1/18/2017 Oscar Micheaux

by Oscar Micheaux
Body and Soul, 1925, 79min
A direct critique of the power of the cloth, casting Robeson in dual roles as a jackleg preacher and a well-meaning inventor.
Ten Minutes to Live, 1932, 55min
A movie producer offers a nightclub singer a role in his latest film, but all he really wants to do is bed her. She knows, but accepts anyway. Meanwhile, a patron at the club gets a note saying that she'll soon get another note, and that she will be killed ten minutes after that.

Oscar Devereaux Micheaux (January 2, 1884 – March 25, 1951) was an African American author, film director and independent producer of more than 44 films. Although the short-lived Micheaux Book & Film Company produced some films, he is regarded as the first major African-American feature filmmaker, the most successful African-American filmmaker of the first half of the 20th century[1] and the most prominent producer of race films.[2] He produced both silent films and sound films when the industry changed to incorporate speaking actors.