Wednesday, December 7, 2016

12/7/16 She Look Good and other shorts films by Carly Short

Filmmaker present!

Me As My Ancestors
super 8, color, silent, 2 minutes 2004

This Place
video, sound, 4 minutes 2005

Opportunity Lilac
16mm/video, color, sound, 7 minutes 2006

Pasadena Whamming
video, sound, 7 minutes 2010

Target Practice
video, sound, 5 minutes 2015

Out Board
16mm/video, 5 minutes 2016

She Look Good
16mm, sound, 16 minutes 2013
She Look Good challenges the singular masculine heroic image of the fisherman. Family life provides the supportive structure of the film as it encompasses place, history, and the intimate details of a socioeconomic structure that the industry itself is rooted in. By including glimpses of familial and especially feminine influences, the film opens up a discourse about labor and regional traditions. Through descriptive filmmaking, and a privileged access to the fishing community, the film treats both work and family in an intimate way.

“I was also impressed with Carly Short’s maritime reverie She Look Good, a collection of vignettes shot in the coastal town of Scituate, Massachusetts. The film concludes with a sailor deftly plaiting a little girl’s hair, an image rhymed to earlier scenes of nets being mended at sea, which encapsulates the film’s overall theme—how in the life of a fishing village the strong polarities of sea and land, harbor and hearth, define themselves through the other’s absence.”
-Nick Pinkerton, Art Forum

Carly Short is a filmmaker living and working in Los Angeles California. Her work meshes personal and collective histories through the exploration of portraiture and cultural landscape. She is currently teaching for the semester at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. She received her MFA at the California Institute of the Arts in 2013 and her BFA at the Massachusetts College of Art in 2007. Her films have screened nationally and internationally and have been included in Dance on Camera Film Festival New York, Women in Film, Red Cat, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Buenos Aires Festival of Independent Cinema, Images, Boston Independent Film Festival, and has work at the Belvedere 21 Film Archive in Vienna Austria. Carly has been recognized in 2016 by the City of Los Angeles’ Board of Education for her service to the community in providing arts/film education to under-served communities.