Monday, November 30, 2015

12/2/15 Karen Johannesen

Karen Johannesen is an experimental filmmaker and the Programmer & Director of The Chicago 8 Small Gauge Film Festival from 2011-2015. She works predominately in Super 8mm and is dedicated to keeping small gauge film formats alive by continuing to work in super 8mm and by programming screenings of small gauge film works. Karen has traveled & presented S8 film programs at CalArts, San Francisco Cinematheque, Otis College of Art & Design, and the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angles. Karen has a BFA in Painting from The University of Illinois at Chicago and an MFA in Filmmaking from The San Francisco Art Institute.
“ in Karen Johannesen’s Light Speed, the image is itself a piece of music, filled with polyrhythms, counterpoint and melody.” Chris Kennedy

“Karen Johannesen’s Light Speed meditate(s) on domestic details, hinting at the eternal within the everyday” Steve Polta

Karen’s films are informed by her background in painting and interest in optics, light, phenomenology, quantum physics, & landscapes. Using single-frame filmmaking techniques, hand-processing, oversaturated colors, & forceful editing, her films push super 8mm to the edge of the modest format. Her subject matter is of the ordinary, everyday, & domestic that points to a greater dynamic element underlying the structure of the films.

“At the ultramicroscopic level, the universe would be akin to a string symphony vibrating matter into existence.’’ Brian Greene, Fabric of the Cosmos.

Karen has exhibited her films at: San Francisco Cinematheque, Anthology Film Archive, The Toronto International Film Festival, The Museum of Modern Art NY, The International Film Festival Rotterdam, The Center of Contemporary Culture (Spain), Media City Film Festival (Canada), and The Korean Super 8 Experimental Film Festival, The Busan Short Film Festival (Korea), KLEX (Malaysia) The Experimental Film Conference (England), and the Images Film Festival (Canada).


76 Station. S8, color & b/w, silent, 6 minutes. 2000

Green Curtain. S8, color, silent, 3 minutes. 2001

Algonquin Winter. S8, color, silent, 3 minutes. 2002

Photogram Blue & Red. S8, color, silent, 6 minutes. 2003

Oscillate. S8, b/w, silent, 5 minutes. 2003

Untitled. S8, color, silent, 3 minutes. 2003

Pink Opaque. S8, color, silent, 3 minutes. 2003

Light Quanta. S8, color, silent, 5 minutes. 2004

Light Speed. S8, color & b/w, silent, 6 minutes. 2007

Daylight & The Sun. S8, b/w, silent, 5 minutes. 2009

Resonance. S8, color, silent, 3 minutes. 2010

Te Lapa. S8, b/w, silent, 3 minutes. 2015

Chromatic. S8, color, silent, 5.5 minutes. 2015