Wednesday, November 11, 2015

11/18/15 Ephraim Asili


Excerpts from "Points on A Space Age" (2009, video, approx. 15 min.)

"Forged Ways" (2011, 16mm on video, 15 min.)

"American Hunger" (2013, 16mm on video, 19 min.

Many Thousands Gone" (2015, 16 mm on video, 9 min)
Ephraim Asili is an African American Artist, Filmmaker, DJ, Radio
host, and traveler. "One of the points of focus of Ephraim Asili's
work is the African Diaspora as a cultural force—a lineage of years
and miles that influences contemporary African-American identity and
the cultural identity of North America in general. His work often
weaves together the near and the far as a way of revealing linkages
across history and geography." Through audio-visual examinations of
societal iconography identity, geography, and architecture Asili
strives to present a personal vision which could be described as an
amalgam of pop, African American and “moving image” culture filtered
through an acute sense of rhythmic improvisation and compositional
awareness. Asili's films have screened in in festivals and venues all
over the world including  The New York Film Festival, Toronto Film
Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, the Milano Film Festival and the
International film festival of Trinidad and Tobago. Currently Asili
serves as Technical Director and faculty for the Film and Electronic
Arts Department at Bard College and hosts a radio show on WGXC 90.7 FM
Hudson, New York.