Thursday, October 18, 2012

10/24/12 Colin Bartin

Colin V. Barton alumni ('93) w/ special guest collaborator Crank Sturgeon alumni ('93)

Press Release: 

Mass Art alumni ('93) Colin V. Barton comes back to haunt Mass Art's Film Society on Wed. October 24st. 2012. 
Barton has made a name of himself on the world Experimental Animation circuit, most recently, 
Barton's film '4 Givings' premiered at the Melbourne International Animation Festival in June 2012. 
As a day job he manages a design team at Universal Sports, an upstart niche sports cable channel available on Direct TV and Dish. 
Crank Sturgeon is a noise and performance artist that regularly circumnavigates the globe preforming. 

THE SHOW:  The Films of Colin V. Barton with special quest Crank Sturgeon. 

Intro: films

16mm Program: #1

'Four Shorts' (8) ('99) 

'I Like Camels' (3) ('91)

Intestinal Fortitude (3) ('91)

'Broken Footnotes' (6) ('93) live sound by Crank Sturgeon
intro videos

video / digital projection: 

'5 Tears'  (4) ('08) 

'4 Givings'  (4) ('12) 

intro 3: Quick intro

16mm Program: #2

Unbearable Being (3) ('96) 

Premiere:::  'Give a Helping Hand to the People in Pain'   (7) ('12)

Bird Shit Studie #9 (10) ('04 -'09) live sound by Crank Sturgeon

'Friend Film' (6) ('06)

Crank Sturgeon Performance (approx.:15 minutes)