Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2/22 Xander Marro

Short Program Description:
Xander Marro presents a collection of short movies made over 15 years in Providence RI. Mostly made on 16mm film, sometimes narrative the program's common themes include : DIY living quarters, puppeteer frontiers, too many cats, winter, witches, wishes, silkscreen explosions, portable cooking stoves, zine libraries, drum kits, fairy tales, cut paper, trinkets stored in drawers, the quest for true love, the junk of this material world, alchemy/regular chemistry, the magic of unlikely alliances, and the spirits of the night.

Xander Marro (American b. 1975) is a fake scientist/olde style tinker based out of the Dirt Palace; a feminist cupcake encrusted netherworld located along the dioxin filled banks of the Woonasquatucket river (which is to say in Providence, RI USA). From this post she makes movies, puppet shows, prints and phone calls. Her adventures underground have included curating the "Movies with Live Soundtracks" film series and performing in various theatrick/musical formats as one of the variety of her alter egos (Madame Von Temper Tantrum, Lady Long Arms, Lil Blood-n-Guts, Madame Von Malt Liquor etc.) Up until recently she was the managing director of AS220 where she crafted endless spreadsheets and reports documenting the possibility of an organized egalitarian approach to art making as a transmutative tool in generating beauty, achieving equality, next level human consciousness and putting a final an end to humanity’s terrible habit of endless war making.
Portrait of a house, that once housed a family of 18, then a mother and son, then a man and his
2. The Pattern of Ritual 2005, Running time 7:44 16mm (projected on Video)
Soundtrack: Xander Marro
10 dances for the invocation of the new season. Starring: the Seagulls (unfortunately sacrificed for the
prophetic powers held within their wings), the Pyramid, the re-occurring wooden peacock, the seemingly
charming cobra, the forest made of fishes, and the matchstick game.
3. L’Eye 2001, Running time 2:02 16mm
Soundtrack: Carley Ptak
If at first you don’t succeed, scry, scry again.
4. Isemond (collaboration with Mat Brinkman) 2006, Running time 17:35 16mm
Soundtrack: Xander Marro & Mat Brinkman
Puppet fairytale. Isemond the tailor makes a bonnet for a kindly goose. Their unlikely alliance becomes
a force in the battle against a hungry real-estate developer.
5. Spell Casting Mishaps Volume 1 2011, Running time 1:14 Video
Soundtrack: Amil Byleckie
Explanation of how I became a sandwich.
6. The Further Adventures of Lady Long Arms in the Land of Love 2004, Running time 11:05, 16mm
Soundtrack: Xander Marro & Mat Brinkman
Starring: The Re-Occuring Wooden Peacocks, Lady Long Arms, The Dancing Hearts of Infinity, The
Seagulls, The Disappearing Owl, Sir Trang Feng, Bug Bear (as the Polar Bear), The Snowstorm, The Ice
Cream Hut at the summit of the highest mountain in the universe
7. The Journey 2002, Running time 8:08 16mm (projected on video)
Soundtrack: Xander Marro
Have you ever been visited by a fairy god-mother? Stayed awake for days and nights cleaning (perhaps
moving) forgetting to eat and talk and arranging then rearranging all of your worldly possessions into
piles and then other piles until you were in the midst of a psychedelic semi-conscious perhaps semipsychotic
dream state and then taken to a netherworld by a beautiful peacock? If yes, this one’s for you!
8. The Chemical Bath (L’Eye V.2) 2001, Running time: 6:02 handprocessed 16mm
Soundtrack: Xander Marro & Mat Brinkman (warping The Shirelles & Suicidal Tendencies)
Starring: silver molecules (tri-x reversal), Italian shoe magazines, 1st developer, 2nd developer, bleach, stop
bath, fix, green/cyan
9. 0106 (collaboration with Mat Brinkman) 2006, Running time: 12:16 16mm
Soundtrack: Xander Marro
Story of how I might live my life until I die told one frame at a time for approximately 17,664 frames. DIY
living quarters, puppeteer frontiers, too many cats, silkscreen explosions, portable cooking stoves, zine
libraries, drum kits. Melting brain.