Thursday, February 9, 2012

2/15/12 two more great films

THE ACCURSED MAZURKA Nina Fonoroff 1994 | 40 minutes | COLOR | OPT 16mm film, 24 fps "A collage virtuoso, Fonoroff uses the enveloping sound of music from movie melodramas and gothic radio plays plus a third-person, softly spoken voice over to bind wildly diverse images: home movies, off-the-TV detritus layered opticals with colors so delicate they look hand tinted. The Accursed Mazurka is an excavation of female sexuality that loses its dangerous edge only when it shears off onto a neatly framed chronicle of therapeutic experiences." - Amy Taubin, The Village Voice

HEREIN Marjorie Keller (1991) 16mm, color, sound, 35 min Experimental film
maker, author, activist, film scholar, and cultural worker Marjorie Keller (1950-1994) created a uniquely personal and feminist body of work for twenty years beginning in the early 1970s. Keller also served on the board of directors of the Collective for Living Cinema, was the founding editor of their journal, Motion Picture from 1984 to 1987 and was Director of the New York Filmmakers Cooperative in the late 1980s. Writer J. Hoberman called her "an unselfish champion of the avant-garde." Her films deftly combine home movie and diary styles through a potent politicized lens. Herein, Keller's final film, charts the movement from political activism to filmmaking through the metaphor of a dwelling. An FBI film obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, Emma Goldman's autobiography, the making of films on the Lower East Side, street prostitution & drug addiction, all inflect the sense of place, space & history.