Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10/5/2010 "where Under" Multimedia Performance by Maile Colbert

co-composition: Rui Costa

vocal performance: Manuela Barile

underwater sound and video recordings: Andrea Parkins, Rui Costa, Maile Colbert

production residency: Binaural www.binauralmedia.org

Binaural Nodar

“What was the first sound heard? It was the caress of the waters” -R. Murray Schaffer

“The wise man delights in water.” -Lao-tzu

Sadly inspired by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, “Where Under” asks us to take a different perspective of the importance of our clean water; as life forms born of water, evolved from water, and constructed primarily of water. Shot and recorded in Northern Portugal within the Rio Paiva, the cleanest river in Europe; the film is composed of an underwater ballet and sound composition provoking us to consider the importance of this underwater world.


Maile Colbert is a multi-media artist with a concentration on sound and video relocated from Los Angeles, US to Lisbon, Portugal. She holds a BFA in The Studio for Interrelated Media from Massachusetts College of Art, and a MFA in Integrated Media/Film and Video from the California Institute of the Arts. 

She has had multiple screenings, exhibits, and shows, including The New York Film Festival, LACE Gallery, MOMA New York, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the REDCAT Theater in Los Angeles, The Portland International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, the Future Places Festival in Oporto, HOERENSEHEN 2.0 in Berlin, the Störung Festival in Barcelona, the Teatra Municipal in Guarda, the Observitori Festival in Valencia, and has performed and screened widely in Japan, Europe, Mexico, and the States. She recently was a part of a featured installation at the 2009 UN Climate Conference.

She was a visiting lecturer teaching Sound Design at UCSD; designed sound and composed for Rebecca Baron's film How Little We Know of Our Neighbors, winner of the Black Maria Film Festival Best Film, designed sound for Adele Horne's feature documentary The Tailenders, broadcasted on PBS POV and winner of a 2007 Independent Spirit Award, Allan Sekula's epic The Lottery of the Sea, and designed sound for Betti-Sue Hertz's multi-media mutli- channel installation at the Centro Cultural Tijuana for the 2005 inSite Festival. 

She is currently finishing a new release, "Come Kingdom Come", an experimental opera on millennialism and apocalyptic thought and theory with opera singer Gabriela Crowe, singer Jessica Constable, and the Poetry of Ian Colbert; and is in pre-production on an epic multi-disciplinary performance of a fictionalized and personalized Portuguese Maritime history, and the definition of "home".