Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10/6/2010 Mary Helena Clark and Fern Silva

Since 2005, Fern Silva has been an active filmmaker whose personal journeys and impulsery disposition give rise to his visionary process. He has created a body of film, video, and projection work that conveys a congruent existence through the aesthetics of reflections and detriments within controlled microcosms. His work has been screened and performed at various festivals, galleries, and cinematheques including International Film Festival Rotterdam, New York Film Festival, Anthology Film Archive, Images Festival, IndieLisboa International Film Festival, Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, Biennale Bandits-Mages Festival, Roulette Gallery, Millennium Film Workshop, White Box Gallery, 119 Gallery, and P.S.1. Fern Silva is from central Connecticut, he received a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and his MFA from Bard College.

After Writing, Mary Helena Clark, USA, 2007; 4m (16mm color/silent)

This film is both a portrait of an abandoned schoolhouse and an investigation of the remains of language in one of the quietist places. Scraps of text gathered from molding filmstrips and peeling chalkboards are photographed and intercut with pinhole shots of the ruins from which they came.

And The Sun Flowers, Mary Helena Clark, USA, 2008; 5m (video/color/sound)
Notes from the distant future and forgotten past. An ethereal flower and disembodied voice guide you through the spaces in between. - MHC

Sound Over Water, Mary Helena Clark, USA, 2009; 5m (16mm color/sound)

A metamorphosis, flocks to shimmer, on a granular day. Blue water and blue sky meet on emulsion. A film for lost memories. -MHC

While You Were Sleeping, Mary Helena Clark, USA, 2010; 10m (video color/sound)
This is your life. It rides like a dream. -MHC