Wednesday, September 24, 2008


September 24th, 2008

Ken Brown shorts

Ken Brown is a filmmaker, photographer, cartoonist and designer. Brown is perhaps best known for his peculiar and distinctive postcards, rubber stamps and other ephemera, but for over thirty years he has been making stunning experimental films, animations and music videos. In the late 60's in Boston, Ken Brown was the resident filmmaker for the ultra-psychedelic Boston Tea Party light show, producing Super-8mm works loaded with staggering superimpositions and startling visual dimensions. His subsequent short films have continued to mine his deep fascination with American pop culture, the quotidian world of home movies and the idiosyncratic world of outsiders and visionary artists. Besides the copious experimental films, animations and video documentaries he has made over the years, Brown has produced and directed dozens of short commissions for MTV, VH-1, SESAME STREET, AMC and other clients. - (Anthology Film Archive)