Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Playing 9/17/08
Daniel Flores

La memoria del tiempo
A film by Daniel Flores y Ascencio

El Salvador new struggle with National Identity, Historic Memory and Indigenous Peoples Rights

For the first time, since the creation of the Republic of El Salvador, the film producer and director Daniel Flores y Ascencio brings back to the Salvadorean conscious and the country new reality, one of the most dramatic events in their modern history and the nation unsolved historic debt to Indigenous People in to film.

AMA - La memoria del tiempo (AMA – The memory of time), is a 63 min. documentary based in the life of Jose Feliciano Ama, spiritual grandmaster, leader and chief of the Izalcos, a Nahua-Pipil Nation, of today western part of El Salvador and his family, the survivors of 1932 genocide. This is an intimate and personal quest of Don Juan Ama, to clear his uncle’s name and restore the family and tribal dignity, by claiming their traditional ways, believes, as well, as their relationship to the land, in a country struggling with the ideas of national hood, development and democracy.

Don Juan Ama, a respectable spiritual leader of Izalco, and an important member of the clan Ama and perhaps one of the very few survivors of the Ama family, who can tell his own version of the events of 1932. To enter Don Juan’ world is undoubtedly a direct access to the pre-colombian world of the Americas today; the experience of co-existing with Don Juan, allows us to appreciate today’s life among the Nahua-Pipil of Izalco and the erudition of the indigenous thinking and tenacity upon imposition and repressive forms of terror.

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