Monday, April 30, 2018

4/25/18 Adam Paradis


Damage Control (2010, 4min)
This film began as an experimental restoration of a hypothetical parody; Jay Wards’ Bullwinkle does Peter Kubelka. Re-spliced and rebuilt several times, this film at times becomes more of a restoration process than a creative one. In a sense, the film represents a work of experimental archiving.

Random Acts of Provocation: Part One (2013, 2.5min)
Unintellectual nonsense or something. Fuck it. Whatever.

Fire in the Fireplace (2012, 12 min) Anarchy, robots, Cat Stevens and job related trauma. A power struggle at hand and what we face when our history catches up with us.

Everything You Do Will Be Recorded (2013, 6min.)
Wake up from a dream and try to figure out where you are. Scramble history to compose a pop single that finds out it is the butt of its own joke. Or, better yet, lets have history exist on multiple plains and try to connect the dots.

Something Along The Way (2014, 7min.)
A memory, a hallucination, regrets and looking back through time. One life lived, and maybe your dreams did not come true.

Lack of Action (2018, 9min) Sometimes there are so many choices we choose nothing. Sometimes the choices are difficult, so we move on anxious and uneasy, knowing we are part of the problem.       

ZAMA (2013, 2.5min)
A ponderance on loneliness. Two films slit come together. A somber contemplation on being alone in a strange place. Split 35mm found footage and hand processed 16mm.

The year of the Tooth (2017, 3.5min)
As I look towards the sky and try to give it all a deeper meaning. Calling insurance companies and fighting with receptionists, seriously, this has to have some kind of higher purpose.
(Untitled) Endless, Nameless (2006-Present, 18min)
Originally made as a live projection for the band Prince Rama, this film has taken on many variations over the years. After being shelved for some time, I’ve recently started screening

Total Run Time: 65 min.

Bio: Adam Paradis brings together an eclectic mix from his own body of work created over the past fifteen years. These selections represent Adam Paradis' fascination with found footage and the range of material that you can come across in search of your own cinematic vision. Collecting and curating films became part of Adams arsenal as he dove head first into the wormhole that working with found materials has become for him. From tangential to didactic – sometimes presented as a tirade, other times as an elaborate thought, essay or simply a mood – these films explore a variety of processes, techniques and ideas that Adam has uncovered along his way.

Adam Paradis (1980) is a Boston-raised, Chicago-based independent filmmaker, moving image curator, skateboarder, and repairman. His work focuses on topics of film materiality, media archaeology and archival process (or lack thereof). He received a Studio Diploma from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in 2007 and an MFA at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2013. His film and video work has been screened worldwide at festivals and venues such as Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, the Museum of Contemporary Photography Chicago, Museum of Fine Art Boston, Palace De Tokyo Paris, and featured on