Saturday, February 17, 2018

2/14/18 LOVE AND ...


Un Chant d’Amour (1950, dir. Jean Genet, 26 min)
Novelist Jean Genet’s only directoral credit, Un Chant d’Amour tells the story, set in a prison with three main characters, a guard and two prisoners, is a voyeuristic, confrontational, poetic masterpiece. “A Song of Love” when translated to english, was long banned in France, and only available in the US through a censored version, the film is now a cult romance classic.

You Take The Escalator, I’ll Take The Stairs (2017, dir. Evan Greene, 13min)
There is no description.

Sanctus (1990, dir. Barbara Hammer, 20 min)
Sanctus is a film of the rephotographed moving x-rays originally shot by Dr. James Sibley Watson and his colleagues. Making the invisibile, visible, the film reveals the skeletal structure of the human body as it protects the hidden fragility of interior organ systems. Sanctus portrays a body in need of protection on a polluted planet where immune system disorders proliferate.

Fuses (1967, dir. Carolee Schneemann, 22 min)
A silent film of collaged and painted sequences of lovemaking between Schneemann and her then partner, composer James Tenney; observed by the cat, Kitch.

Total Run Time: 83 Minutes