Thursday, October 19, 2017

10/25/17 Allison Folland

Evangelia's Theme (work in progress, 16 mm transfer. app. 10 min)
A woman reflects on the influence of movies on her imagination and
lived reality. A fever dream of textiles and landscape, framed by the
text of Madame Bovary.

House (2015, HD. 16 min)
A grieving family tries to start over in a new, empty house. A
territorial dispute arises: Older Sister must share a bedroom with
Younger Sister. Father can not broker a peace, and when drifter Uncle
shows up, the situation goes from bad to intolerable. "Spiti" is a
Brechtian take on the American sitcom Full House, set in a modern day
Greek ruin.

Attitudes Passionelles
(2015, HD. 13 min)
A hybrid video essay exploring topics of romantic ballet, madness, and
the relationship between physical gesture and inner state.
Alison Folland (1978, Massachusetts) is an
actress and filmmaker based in Cambridge,
MA. As a performer, she has appeared in
over a dozen feature films, working with
directors such as Gus Van Sant, Barbet
Schroeder, Todd Haynes, and Alison McLean.
Folland studied film production at Tisch
School of the Arts and film and video art at
Massachusetts College of Art and Design,
where she earned an MFA in 2015. Her film
“Spiti” premiered at the Athens International
Film Festival in 2016.