Tuesday, October 11, 2016



Marseille Après La Guerre

by Billy Woodberry

Montañas ardientes que vomitan fuego / Burning mountains that spew flame

by Helena Girón & Samuel M. Delgado


by Helena Girón & Samuel M. Delgado

by Helena Girón & Samuel M. Delgado

Scotch Hop
by Christopher MacLaine

Program details:
Marseille Après La Guerre by Billy Woodberry
10min 2015
The piece is materially modest but formally stunning. Told almost entirely through a series of stunning still black and white images, it offers an astonishing portrait of dock workers in Marseille just after the war, and a reflection on the political awakening of the "father of African film," Ousmane Sembene. A lyrical description of a disappeared world, Marseille Après La Guerre is redolent of a radical past, while inspiring us to consider the shape and texture of a present and future politics of emancipatory solidarity.

Montañas ardientes que vomitan fuego / Burning mountains that spew flame
13min 36sec 2016 by Helena Girón & Samuel M. Delgado
Whistle | Spanish and English subtitles
The interior of the earth became a refuge from the threat that moved closer and closer to the island. The volcanic tubes served as communication vessels between time and space. This was where they experimented their resistance.

SIN DIOS NI SANTA MARÍA / NEITHER GOD NOR SANTA MARÍA 11min. 2015 by Helena Girón & Samuel M. Delgado
Since airplanes did not exist, people moved around using prayers, they went from one land to another and returned early, before dawn. In old audio recordings, the voices of pastors speak of the mythical existence of witches and their travels. In the daily life of a woman the magic of her tales begin to materialize as night falls. Night is the time when travel is possible. Filmed with expired 16mm color negative film. Handmade developed. Voices recorded by Luis Diego Cuscoy between 1965 and 1969 on the island of Tenerife.
Filmed in 2014 on Ye. Island of Lanzarote.

12min 25sec 2013 / Spanish / English subtitles
by Helena Girón & Samuel M. Delgado
A man tries to start life in the stone by the volcano spit. An everyday marked by hostility of a beautiful and terrible enviroment.

Scotch Hop
7min 1953 by Christopher MacLaine
A fast-paced rhythmic impression of dancers, musicians and sportsmen at a highlands event.

Billy Woodberry: Born in Dallas, Texas, Billy Woodberry is an independent filmmaker who has taught at the School of Film/Video and the School of Art at the California Institute of the Arts since 1989. His feature film Bless Their Little Hearts (1984) is an essential work of Los Angeles cinema, informed by Woodberry’s familiarity with Italian neo-realism and the work of filmmakers in Cuba, Brazil, India and Africa. It won the Interfilm ecumenical jury award at the Berlin Film festival and was added to the Library of Congress' 2013 National Registry of Films. Woodberry has appeared in Charles Burnett’s When It Rains (1995) and provided narration for Thom Andersen’s Red Hollywood (1996) and James Benning’s Four Corners (1998). Woodberry’s two-hour video, The Architect, the Ants, and the Bees, was part of “Facing the Music,” a 2004 group exhibition, video and multimedia installation at the REDCAT gallery documenting the building of the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the transformation of downtown Los Angeles. His work has screened at the Camera Austria Symposium, Harvard Film Archive, Human Rights Watch Film Festival and Museum of Modern Art.

Helena Girón and Samuel M. Delgado
Their work is largely found between of experimental and non-fiction using physical materials and photochemical processes. Their films had been selected in international film festivals as Toronto International Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Mar del Plata, FIC Valdivia, Curtas Vila do Conde, Ann Arbor or Media City Film Festival, where their film, Neither God nor Santa Maria was awarded. This work also recived awards in Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux of Paris, Alcances and Curtocircuito International Film Festival.
They are visiting professors at EICTV at Cuba, ECAM, IFIC and Instituto del Cine at Madrid. https://vimeo.com/samuelmdelgado

Christopher Maclaine was born in 1923 in Oklahoma, USA. He was a director and actor, known for The Man Who Invented Gold (1957), The End (1953) and Scotch Hop (1953). He died in 1975 in California, USA.