Monday, September 19, 2016

Youjin Moon 9/21/16

Youjin Moon


Handmade slide projection

Light Rhythm #1-3, 5min, silent, 16mm, 2013

Photogram #1, 3min, silent, 16mm on video, 2013

Light Work, 35 sec, silent, super 8mm on video, 2014

Water on Mars, 3:30min, silent, video, 2013

io, 10:54min, sound, video, 2014

io, 10:54min, sound, video, 2014

Youjin Moon is a visual artist and experimental filmmaker currently living and working in Boston. She received MFAs in Painting and Film/Video from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Moon’s work explores the relationship between the analogue and the digital, the realistic and the abstract, and the painterly and the cinematic. Using light as a material connection between mediums, her collaged abstract paintings expand into camera-less films, hundreds of handmade slides and painterly surfaces of digital video. Her videos mesh and collide surfaces to express perceived dualities in nature, such as bright and dark, micro and macro, water and fire.
Youjin Moon has been screened and exhibited internationally in galleries and film festivals, including EXiS at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, Hamburg International Short Film Festival, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival in the Czech Republic, New Filmmakers New York at Anthology Film Archives, and DM Contemporary in New York City. Her film <io>(2015) received the Korean EXiS Award at the 12th Seoul International Experimental Film and Video Festival.
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