Thursday, October 1, 2015

10/14/15 Vanessa Renwick

Renwick will screen a 80-min. program of her work that begins with early experimental films and concludes with her latest experimental documentary video on the migration of swifts.  These short, personal constructions demonstrate a wide range of formal approaches and subjects that include nuclear power, hitchhiking, Toxic Shock and a taste of the wild west, be it a horse fighting a bear, a homoerotic rodeo or the gentrification of Portland.    Renwick's  films share a restless spirit, an interest in outlaw art-making, and an unflagging sense of wanderlust. Her films, videos and installations reflect an interest in place, urban transformation, and relationships between bodies and landscapes. Her diaristic "CROWDOG" was shot on super-8 during a 9-month barefoot hitchhiking trip across the US.  The film records her visit to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota to investigate the remnants of the FBI's "Reign of Terror" on the American Indian Movement.   On daily walks to the river with her wolf dog she meditates on her experiences as a barefooted person in a shoe-wearing world.
Toxic Shock 16mm print  2.5
Britton, South Dakota      9
Crowdog                          7
red stallions revenge        7
The Yodeling Lesson       3
9 is a secret                      6
mighty tacoma                 9
westward ho                     2
SF HITCH                        5
cascadia terminal              6   
Trojan                               5
House of Sound               11
layover                              5