Saturday, March 28, 2015

4/1 Devon Damonte’s A Field Guide to the Endangered Experimental Motion Graphics (in-person)

Since 1989 Devon Damonte has made, taught, and shown handcrafted direct animation all over, including: REDCat Theater at Disney Hall in LA; New York Film Festival Views from the Avant Garde; Ottawa International Animation Festival; Pacific Film Archive at Berkeley Art Museum; Quickdraw Animation Society in Calgary; and McMurdo Station, Antarctica. He is featured in “The Animation Bible” by Maureen Furniss, and the forthcoming “Experimental Filmmaking: Break The Machine,” by Kathryn Ramey. Damonte is currently adjunct faculty at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA teaching a summer visual music 16mm & 35mm direct animation intensive, he’s also a ringleader of the Crackpot Crafters collective, and he believes we are now all smack dab in the Golden Age of Adhesive Tape.


Auroroborous Washialis, 16mm sound
Dreamy mashup of my fixations with snakeskin and glitter washi tape

Catcycle – 3 min, 16mm silent
The righting reflex is explored via Marey’s sequences and exploded beyond the frames of reference materials.

Stalking the Wild Washi – 10-13 min, multi-projector: Begins with Carousel slide-show  w/narration & eye yoga exercises, then 16mm w/sound
A whirlwind AV cinesafari slide-film tour through the wild kingdoms of animal-printed graphic tapes, and beyond.

Buster Balls – 2 min, 16mm w/sound
Follicles from my now-dearly-departed kitty, plus a few blues from Peter Miller, made at Jo Dery’s 24-Hour-Moviemaking-Experiment, Dirt Palace, Olneyville, RI, June 2002.

The Artifacts of Life – 7 min, 16mm w/sound
A group film made entirely of parts left behind by formerly living plants and critters, created by the Crackpot Crafters – Caryn, Devon, Dory, Jason, Jim, Kelsey, Kevin, Linda, and Meesh in 2011.

To Lust for Lacecraft – 3 min, 16mm, silent
Because decorative polyethelene lace doilies are an endangered species too! Presented in loving memory of Kodak’s extinct #7363 hi-con film stock, may the world’s remaining supply roll-in-peace.

Aurouroborous: Lance & Helsing – 7-10 min, multiprojector: 16mm slotload w/ slide overlays, silent w/ acoustic ambient noises
Like the ancient ouroborous snake-eating-its-tail, like a continuous movie film loop, like supercharged electrical harmonies hovering above our atmosphere, like the light amongst us - bouncing, reflecting, bending, refracting, transmitting, absorbing.

Time Current Characteristics – 6 min, 16mm w/sound
Off the grids, out of the box, up on the wrack line is where the beachglass meets the light.

Starrlight Starrbright Starrshine – A Cecile Starr Tribute-in-progress (all are invited to make cinemaStarrs to add in) -2 min.

and more!