Thursday, August 28, 2014

9/10/14 My Name is Jonah

What is the secret origin of this self-proclaimed 'real-life warrior, adventurer and musician'? How has he gained his tremendous cult following?

Steel yourselves for a quest to explore how this enigmatic personality came to be and the powerful effect he has on all those he meets.

Prepare to be amazed at just how ordinary your own life really is...
You people are WEAK.

About the filmmakers:

Phil Healy is a Boston filmmaker and comedian who’s worked on both coasts in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles respectively. W hen not working or writing on short films he’s a freelance teacher, editor, and producer for various companies and organizations. He currently resides in North Reading, MA with his wife and two dogs.

JB Sapienza is an award winning experimental filmmaker, cartoonist and musician from the Boston area. His cartoons are on permanent display at the Boston Children's Museum and the Boston Children's Hospital. He currently lives in Jamaica Plain, MA with his wife, and dog.

Jon Caron is an award winning graphic designer and photographer. He also has extensive experience in marketing, advertising and web design. When not immersed in a project, he enjoys digital painting and lifting heavy objects repeatedly. He currently lives in Manchester, NH and has neither a wife, or dog.