Friday, September 27, 2013

10/2/13 Cecilia Dougherty

2010, 30:00, 4-channel installation
with MOVING PARTS, a 6-channel sound installation by Aleksei R. Stevens
The Fourth Space is based in interests I had in architecture and space in general, and
comes out of an earlier practice of taking pictures wherever I went.
Spaces in the video include Marcel Breuer’s Armstorong-Piretti Tire Building and the
Roche-Dineloo Knights of Columbus tower, buildings in Chicago’s Loop, San Miguel de
Allende in Central Mexico -- Juan's Cafe, the Oratorio, the Instituto Allende, the
Biblioteca, streets, traffic, and Mexico's famous green taxis; on Dean Street, under
demolition in Brooklyn; the split tower at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus;
the Alps surrounding the village of Saas-Fee, Switzerland. Included are beds slept in,
tables worked at, ceiling fans stared up at, chairs and couches sat on, cats petted,
windows looked out from, garden paths walked, planes flown in, mountains crossed, oceans swam in. Altogether, the record of a year of taking note of location.

2001, 36:42, 2-channel installation
GONE is a 2-channel installation based on episode no.2 of producer Craig Gilbert's An
American Family, the landmark 1970s Public Television cinema verite documentary
about the Loud Family of Santa Barbara, California. The second episode of the series
follows mother Pat Loud's arrival in New York, where she spends the week with her son
Lance, who is living at the Chelsea Hotel. Much of the dialogue in Gone is based on the
actual dialogue in the original series.
Starring Laurie Weeks, Amy Sillman, Frances Sorensen, Mike Iveson, Lia Gangitano,
Lori E. Seid, Susan O'Brien, and Joe Westmoreland. Dance performance by Jennifer
With music by Johanna Fateman, Le Tigre, and Mike Iveson

Cecilia Dougherty works in video, installation, photography, writing, and web applications. Areas of interest include the study of everyday life, community practices, architecture, globalization, feminism, film, art and literature. She is a core faculty member in the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College, New York, and teaches in Media Culture at the College of Staten Island, CUNY. She has a PhD in Media Philosophy and has recently published her first book, The Irreducible I: Space, Place Authenticity, and Change. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.