Thursday, July 25, 2013

7/31/13 Saul Levine in Person

NOTES OF AN EARLY FALL [1976, S8mm, 18fps, color, sound, 33 min.]
"Notes of an early fall refers to the season in which he returns to his family home with his new camera to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, as well as to the aesthetic fall from the grace of pure vision into the worldly cacophony of synchronous sound (in a hyperbole of Brakhage's polemics) and the fall from a prestigious position in what was at the time the strongest academic program in avant-garde filmmaking in America..." Taking Note: P. Adams Sitney on the films of Saul Levine "
ArtForum, May, 2007 by P. Adams Sitney
Full article here: ARTFORUM

NOTES AFTER A LONG SILENCE [1984 - 1989, S8mm, sound, 16 min.]
"Hard-edged poetry. How else could one characterize the films of Saul Levine, which cut as they do between jackhammers and B.B. King singing the blues? Levine is Boston's own outsider. In the culture of public television and whiz bang computer-generated images, Levine sticks to his expressionist, tactile guns as the king of Super 8. Perhaps better known nationally than in his adopted home city, Saul Levine has made a reputation for himself as a prime maker and promoter of the American avant-garde film..."
Marjorie Keller
VISIONS MAGAZINE Film/Television Arts
N.7 Summer ‘92
Full Article here: VISIONS MAGAZINE

BOPPING THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA BLUE [1974 - 1984, S8mm, 18fps, sound, 5 min.]
"A portrait of disc jockey Mai Cramer, filmmaker Dan Barnett, and Levine himself. The film cuts between Cramer talking, Barnett working and touring China and Levine engaged in the routines of his life. Incorporated into the portrait are shots of an astronaut floating in space, clouds passing and Chinese women performing their daily exercise. As vast space and clouds float by, the film mixes daily routines, foreign locales and the expanse of the universe in a work of cinematic music and dance." - Marjorie Keller, program note, Collective for Living Cinema, 1983

GROOVE TO GROOVE [1979 - 1984, S8mm, 18fps, sound, 13 min.]

A BRENNEN SOLL COLUMBUS MEDINA [1979 - 1984, S8mm, 18fps, sound, 13 min.]
A collection of songs, stories, conversations scattered and interchangeable at the Memorial Day event.