Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7/24/13 FAT FEET FLY, w/ the works of Yoko Ono, Richard Serra, Red Grooms & Mimi Gross, Carolee Schneemann, and Vito Acconci

FLY by Yoko Ono
1970, 16mm Sound Color 20min
Filmed in a New York attic in two days. John and Yoko asked New York actress Virginia Lust to lie down naked whilst they filmed a fly exploring her body. Approximately 200 flies were used and each had to be stunned with a special gas. The film showed a fly traversing the girl's body from her toes to her head, exploring every part. It was claimed that Virginia Lust also had to be sedated during the filming.

COLOR AID by Richard Serra
1971 , 36’, 16mm, colour, soundLike the three "Hands" films by Richard Serra (1968), the subject of Color Aid are fingers as actors of real time activity. Monochrome colour cards lying on top of each other and filling the whole screen are being pulled away individually with a swishing sound by a single finger, each time bringing a new colour into view. In the extreme close-up, each colour fills the whole picture with a single colour. The fingertip, appearing from several sides in the picture, pulls noisily across the surface of the paper, producing one after the other, colour sequences of yellow, blue, pink, brown, or hues from a different colour palette before the eyes of the viewer. The speed at which they are pulled away and the intervals in which the hand appears for its performance both vary.

1968, 3’, 16mm, b/w, silentThis is the first film by Serra. He records his right hand, trying to catch pieces of lead as they are falling. The hand opens and closes, trying to get hold of the falling lead. As the film progresses, the effort becomes more apparent, and the hand gets tired.

FAT FEET by Red Grooms Mimi Gross
a Yellow Ball / Ruckus Films Production, 1965-66
An animated film, ca. 20 min.
Director: Red Grooms with Mimi GrossPhotography: Yvonne Andersen ( Falcone)Storyboard: Mimi Gross and Red GroomsArt work: Mimi Gross, Red Grooms, Yvonne AndersonFlat animation: Red Grooms and Mimi GrossSet, construction, props and painting: Red Grooms, Mimi Gross, Yvonne Andersen,Visiting artist and filmmaker George KucharVarious visiting students and friendsStop Action Animation (actors and life sized props): Everyone aroundEditing: Yvonne Andersen, Red Grooms, Mimi Gross, Dominic FalconeSound: Yvonne Andersen, Dominic Falcone, Red GroomsCostumes and make up: Mimi Gross
Actors:Dominic Falcone: “ policeman”Mimi Gross: “ old lady” , “ bum”, “ druggist”, “black face walk-on”Yvonne Andersen: “woman of the night”Red Grooms: “ black haired fatfoot man”, “candybar eater” “firechief”Edmund Leites: “street sweeper”Susan Leites: “woman of the night”Paul and Jeanie Falcone: “the kids” (various parts) With students of Yellow Ball Workshop, and dear friends living in the Cambridge and Boston area (1965)
Produced by: Dominic Falcone, Red Grooms, and Mimi Gross

VIET FLAKES by Carolee Schneemann
1965 16mm B/W toned film, Sound collage by James Tenney 8min
"Viet Flakes was composed from an obsessive collection of Vietnam atrocity images, compiled over five years, from foreign magazines and newspapers. Schneemann uses the 8mm camera to "travel" within the photographs, producing a volatile animation. Broken rhythms and visual fractures are heightened by a sound collage by James Tenney, which features Vietnamese religious chants and secular songs, fragments of Bach, and '60s pop hits. "One of the most effective indictments of the Vietnam War ever made". — Robert Enright, Border Crossings."

SEE THROUGH by Vito Acconci
1970, 5 min, color, silent, 16mm
See Through is a Super 8 film in which Acconci boxes with his own reflection in a mirror until the mirror is shattered