Friday, April 26, 2013

5/1/13 Gretchen Skogerson

swf, 29, seeks self (9:00, 2004) examines attraction and repulsion through contrasting educational film footage and phone messages against a story of loss.

housework (3:00,1999) sucks up dirt and germs, both real and imagined.

Frontier Step  (8:40, 2007) reveals a glimpse of the works atop the Superdome from July 2006.  Their uncluttered domain provides a sharp contrast to the unseen, destroyed city of New Orleans below.   

not karaoke redux (6:00, 2005/2013) skates through girls and horses, cascading pharmaceuticals, celebrity blitzing, poverty, excess and the 59th parallel. You can't sing along.

Nightparking (12:00, 2008) records the imprint of industrial and suburban landscapes on their nocturnal inhabitants.

Alone, We Are Together (version 1, 2013) celebrates the beauty of our wired world as well as its frustrations and the inevitability of becoming even more in sync with our devices.

Gretchen Skogerson is a multi-media artist known for pristine, minimalist work.  In recent video work she captured deserted urban landscapes at night.  Currently, she is interested in a form of ensemble storytelling that alternates between on-location and theatrical setups.