Friday, March 22, 2013

3/27/13 Cate Giordano

1.  Peg Bordelon Series "Ass and Titties", 10:46.  2013
A southern transplant named Peg Bordelon winds up in New York City, hell bent on making a film called “Ass and Titties.” Posing as a “Women’s Studies” major at a non-existent college, Peg claims to be making a film that is a celebration of female sexuality. Recognizable by her curly hair and American flag bandana, Peg is often found skulking through the streets of Brooklyn, camera in hand, looking for attractive young ladies who are ready to embrace their womanhood.
2.  Hunter in the Woods, 7:59.  2007
Hunter Dodge escapes his unhappy relationship with Joy by retreating to the woods and building himself a wife out of scrap wood. Basking in his delusional paradise, Hunter is content with his silent, self-created partner, Susannah. However, Joy finds Hunter and drags him kicking and screaming back into reality.
3.  Species, 14:09.  2008
Trapped in the belly of a Trojan Lion, Jonah and Dot are falling out of love. Jonah, a writer, fights to remain true to his artistic visions, despite mounting pressure from Dot to earn money. Dot runs off with a shape-shifting insurance salesman named Hugh, leaving Jonah to incubate in the belly of the lion.
4.  Heritage, 30:23.  2012
It is 1888 and all the buffalo are gone, leaving one of the largest cities in South Dakota empty.  Now there are only two residents left.  One of them is Beau, a hunter once regaled for his 4000 buffalo pelts and his disgruntled wife, Ruby.  In the absence of buffalo to kill, Beau erects an enormous statue of a White Buffalo on his property, while a horrified Ruby begs him to abandon his project.  When an out-of-town preacher arrives with his brainwashed followers and destroys Beau's buffalo and steals his wife, Beau embarks on a journey to find the real White Buffalo.  Shot "on location" in the streets of New York City, "Heritage is a melodrama about a man, played by a woman, who learns to deal with the reality of change and the freedom of being alone.