Friday, February 15, 2013

2/20/13 Mary Filippo

How I Can Enjoy Mine When You Don't Have Any

I began this film in 2004 auditing introductory economics courses.  I thought I'd gain a better understanding of the forces behind increasing inequality in the U.S., globalization, sweatshops, ecological breakdown, etc. Ha!

What I found was an imaginary world depicted in geometric models.  It was a world so different from my experience and understanding, that I knew it was all wrong.  But it took me years to tease out the assumptions behind the models, and to "deconstruct" them, and several more years to figure out how to represent what I learned to you.

This is an educational film about my own education, and it's for someone like you.  Someone who will probably never take an economics class, or if you do, might be unlucky enough to find yourself in a class like the ones satirized in this film.

I'll be showing the first 2 parts and selections for the 3rd part, of what will be a 3 part film.

 Some key critics of main stream economics speak in the film; Herman Daly, Richard Wolff, John Bellamy Foster, and many others.