Sunday, January 13, 2013

1/23/13 A Third Cinema Vol. I curated by Juan Daniel F. Molero

1976 – LUGAR SAGRADO (1976 – Sacred Place, directed by Carlosmagno Rodrigues & Alonso Pafyeze, Brazil, 2009, 6 min.)
Three living beings are kept in the bottom of a pool. Video of physical and emotional immersion, where there’s no metaphysics, no  feelings of spirituality, no mysticism- just the torpor of the condition of being alive and reluctant.

DROP IN THE DARKNESS. Directed by Carlosmagno Rodrigues & Cris Ventura, Brazil, 2011, 7 min.)
A movie about the Christian conversion based on the Letters to the Seven Churches, Chapter 2, Verse 19 of the biblical Book of Revelation, which talks about the speeches used for people’s conversion. The movie is filmed with vertical tracking shots that refer to the Hell archetype.

Permanencias (Ricardo Alves Jr, Brazil, 2011, 34min)
From the inside the air is heavier.

AHENDU NDE SAPUKAI (I Hear Your Scream, directed by Pablo Lamar, Paraguay/Argentina, 2008, 11 min.)
At dawn, a man watches the horizon as he stands near his wooden house that dominates the landscape. After a few moments, he returns to his simple dwelling and a short while later a small funeral procession emerges. The man does not take part in it and remains alone, staring into the emptiness before him.

NOCHE ADENTRO ( Pablo Lamar, 2009, Paraguay/Argentina, 18 min)
The newlyweds have already left the party where the guests are still dancing. The bride has bled to death and the groom carries the body. He drags her down the stairs and along a long corridor until they fall down. At the shore the groom gives her away to the river, floating in a boat.

MARTES DE CH’ALLA (Tuesday Ch’alla, directed by Carlos Piñeiro, Bolivia, 2009, 12 min.)
 Images and situations linked to a kept belief among construction workers who know a way to invoke some kind of blessing through a secret ancient ritual.