Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stop by Jeff Preiss-LOCATION CHANGE to Tower Auditorium SEE ABOVE


Jeff Preiss’ Stop

Director Jeff Preiss, has spent 17 years compiling 2,500 rolls of film shot from 1995-2012 for his film Stop which was featured at the 50th New York Film Festival this fall and will be screened as part of MoCA’s show Blues For Smoke from October 21 through January 7 in Los Angeles. Giampaolo Bianconi of the Brooklyn Rail takes us on an elaborative and descriptive journey behind the making’s of this beautifully personal and nostalgic film.




Jeff Preiss is a New York Based Filmmaker who first became known in the early 80s through his 8mm films chronicling Lower Manhattan and his participation in alternative screening venues, particularly Films Charas and The Collective For Living Cinema. In 1988, after shooting the Academy Award nominated Chet Baker bio-documentary Let's Get Lost, his work began to span music video and commercial production. In 1995 he became a partner in the production company Epoch Films. During the past 30 years he has produced a series of experimental films and film installations for venues including Musée d’art moderne de la Ville Paris, Museum Boijmans Rotterdam, MediaCity 2000 Biannual Seoul Korea, Neue Nationaigalerie Berlin and The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA Los Angeles. In 2004 he co-founded the Lower East Side gallery ORCHARD where he made a series of films in collaboration with with Andrea Fraser, Nicolás Guagnini, Christian Philipp Müller, Josiah McElheny, Moyra Davey and Anthony McCall. Work From this series is in the collection of The Museum of Modern Art, NY and The Reina Sofia, Madrid. In 2012 his experimental feature film, STOP was a selection of the 50th New York Film Festival. He currently serves on the board of Light Industry, a venue for film and electronic art in Brooklyn, New York.

Monday, January 28, 2013

1/30/13 Holy Fisher

d e a f e n i n g   s i l e n c e

a film by holly fisher

TRT 118 mins
DVD available for preview only

(c)2012 Otherwise Pictures llc
all rights reserved


d e a f e n i n g  s i l e n c e  is a fusion of beauty and terror, observation and anger, roving visuals and intimate stories either funny, contemplative, or horrific – a subjective, layered depiction of Burma under brutal military dictatorship. My first trip was legal, shooting video as a fake tour guide doing research; the next was on foot, under-cover with ethnic Karen guerrillas, to film internal exiles surviving in a free-fire jungle war zone.

Colonial archival imagery and clips from You Tube are woven within this tapestry of fragments, often in ironic counterpoint, and always to pierce the chokehold of censorship. This is a living history of a country arrested in time, a hybrid documentary focusing on ethnic genocide, but with constant poetic resonance and a rich multiplicity of references to history and popular culture.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

1/23/13 A Third Cinema Vol. I curated by Juan Daniel F. Molero

1976 – LUGAR SAGRADO (1976 – Sacred Place, directed by Carlosmagno Rodrigues & Alonso Pafyeze, Brazil, 2009, 6 min.)
Three living beings are kept in the bottom of a pool. Video of physical and emotional immersion, where there’s no metaphysics, no  feelings of spirituality, no mysticism- just the torpor of the condition of being alive and reluctant.

DROP IN THE DARKNESS. Directed by Carlosmagno Rodrigues & Cris Ventura, Brazil, 2011, 7 min.)
A movie about the Christian conversion based on the Letters to the Seven Churches, Chapter 2, Verse 19 of the biblical Book of Revelation, which talks about the speeches used for people’s conversion. The movie is filmed with vertical tracking shots that refer to the Hell archetype.

Permanencias (Ricardo Alves Jr, Brazil, 2011, 34min)
From the inside the air is heavier.

AHENDU NDE SAPUKAI (I Hear Your Scream, directed by Pablo Lamar, Paraguay/Argentina, 2008, 11 min.)
At dawn, a man watches the horizon as he stands near his wooden house that dominates the landscape. After a few moments, he returns to his simple dwelling and a short while later a small funeral procession emerges. The man does not take part in it and remains alone, staring into the emptiness before him.

NOCHE ADENTRO ( Pablo Lamar, 2009, Paraguay/Argentina, 18 min)
The newlyweds have already left the party where the guests are still dancing. The bride has bled to death and the groom carries the body. He drags her down the stairs and along a long corridor until they fall down. At the shore the groom gives her away to the river, floating in a boat.

MARTES DE CH’ALLA (Tuesday Ch’alla, directed by Carlos Piñeiro, Bolivia, 2009, 12 min.)
 Images and situations linked to a kept belief among construction workers who know a way to invoke some kind of blessing through a secret ancient ritual.