Thursday, July 12, 2012


SHAMELESS (1974) by Victor Faccinto
WAVELENGTH (1967) by Michael Snow

Projected in 16mm film
Curated by Tara and Gordon Nelson

SHAMELESS (1974) by Victor Faccinto   16mm, color, 13.5 min
Cut-out puppet animation. Not recommended for gentle sensibilities. Plagued by his redundant existence, Video Vic follows his instincts into an outer space environment, where he is faced with the cruel realities of his linear life. "Victor Faccinto's last cut-out film SHAMELESS exhibits a tension within the form. As real penises penetrate paper vaginas, and cut-out men investigate life-sized female parts, the film implies a potential synthesis of metaphoric and real action; the film also suggests the exhaustion of purely cut-out imagery by manipulation of materials, only now it is the film itself which is scratched, painted or cut." -- Ian Birnie, Art Gallery of Ontario
WAVELENGTH (1967) by Michael Snow    16mm, color, 45 min
WAVELENGTH was shot in one week in December, 1966, preceded by a year of notes, thoughts, mutterings. It was edited and first print seen in May, 1967. I wanted to make a summation of my nervous system, religious inklings, and aesthetic ideas. I was thinking of, planning for a time monument in which the beauty and sadness of equivalence would be celebrated, thinking of trying to make a definitive statement of pure Film space and time, a balancing of "illusion" and "fact," all about seeing. The space starts at the camera's (spectator's) eye, is in the air, then is on the screen, then is within the screen (the mind). The film is a continuous zoom which takes 45 minutes to go from its widest field to its smallest and final field. It was shot with a fixed camera from one end of an 80 foot loft, shooting the other end, a row of windows and the street .... The room (and the zoom) are interrupted by four human events including a death. The sound on these occasions is sync sound, music and speech, occurring simultaneously with an electronic sound, a sine-wave .... It is a total glissando while the film is a crescendo and a dispersed spectrum which attempts to utilize the gifts of both prophecy and memory which only film and music have to offer.

*Descriptions courtesy of the Filmmakers Cooperative*