Saturday, April 14, 2012

4/ 18/11 Jessie Stead

Jessie Stead presents “Motion-Pictures, Videos, Films, Projections and Movies”
from the Today! Episodics

Join us for a rare full program of episodes from Jessie Stead's "sublimely intermittent epic" Today!. Titles will include the long lost Mystique Lounge episode and the trans-India/Manhattan bank caper known colloquially as Chase Scenes. Also screening will be the Boston premier of the infamous You Are Now Running On Reserve Battery Power, a desktop noir from our late-nite spin-off Today! Nocturnes launched fall 2011. Plus other surprise delights! Today! is not on the internet!

Jessie Stead lives and works. Currently based in New York, Stead experiments with unpredictable patterns of cross-disciplined media, material subjection, formal strategies, production/distribution parodies, and the work of fellow artists. Her single channel motion-pictures, installations and performances have been featured at mixed venues internationally, recent engagements include the Greater New York Cinema exhibition at MoMA PS1, the New York Film Festival, Soloway Gallery and Performa 11. Further info at...

Though contents may have settled during shipping and handling, Today! is a characteristically
irrelevant daydream and intermittent epic structured in overlapping, dislocated, and re-mixable episodes. Offices are closed for the summer months. (Stead)

You Are Now Running On Reserve Battery Power from Today! Nocturnes
HD / 12 minutes / 2011
An unidentified non-tagonist hazily shares a waking dream with her po
wer-deprived personal
computer. A desktop noir co-starring users of the™ site in a random parade of webcam field recordings. Like hitchhikers in an old-fashioned road movie, these strangers born of mouse clicks briefly inhabit a sequence of overlapping zones in
various states of undress and intoxication. This low battery neo-nocturne is a late-nite spin-off of the Today! episodics.

You Are Now Running On Reserve Battery Power. Please connect your computer to AC power. If you do not, your computer will go to sleep in a few minutes to preserve the contents of memory. (Apple Inc.)

Today! Chase Scenes
super 8/16mm on DV
12 minutes / 2008
An unidentified non-tagonist with an ice cream headache and squeaky bones is haunted by an
image from New York City of venture capitalists disguised as plastic honey bottles in this diurnal neo-bank-caper known colloquially as Today! Chase Scenes.

Today! TBA
super 8/16mm on DV
37 minutes / 2007
Though contents may have settled during shipping and handling (we canʼt stress that enough)
highlights from Today! TBA might include cameo appearances by the United States Postal Service, quality time in Bangalore with a toilet paper voodoo doll, and a recurring pre-occupation with a useful but problematically self-aggrandizing shopping bag.