Wednesday, June 1, 2011

7/27/11 Ian Curry-please note this show was originally advertised as being on 8/3


*All Films will be projected in Video*

“Invite the Spirits” 2009 4 minutes

Super 8 Black and White Reversal with Kodachrome

Images Taken from the 2008 Whitney Biennal, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, NYC. The film plays the images against each other in a grid of multiple screens creating moving patterns. The audio is a old recording of a Seamus Williams making primitive music with spoons a


forks which develops into a song.

“Good Morning! My Name Mike.” 2010 12 minutes

16mm Black and White Reversal

Portrait of Mike Shayvers in 2010. Mike works the neighborhood of Mission Hill// Roxbury Crossing as a can and bottle collector. A modern day gleaner who lives in a park year round and buys his natural good times with the extra he picks up from recycling bins.

“My Parents Cambodia.” 2011 8 minutes

Super 8 Sound Color Reversal

Portrait of my Mom and Dad living in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap in 2010. The film was shot on Kodachrome Sound Super 8 on a visit to Cambodia where my parents had been living for most of the year.

“Having Her Baby” 2008 6 minutes

16mm Color Negative

Portrait of Shana founding member of the noise band Child Bride living with other noise artists in Lower Allston, MA in early 2008.

“100% Del Cid” 2011 8 minutes

Super 8 Sound Color Reversal

Portrait of my friend Pablo Del Cid visiting his extended family in Guatemala in 2010. The portrait follows us from Guatemala City to the Temples to the Hills and back again.

“In Limbo in Queens” 2011 8 minutes

16mm Color Negative

Portrait of my friend Myles living in Queens NYC in between an old girl friend and adjusting his life after moving on and into Brooklyn. Audio for the portrait includes his personal perspectives on making art and living in NYC around that time and background audio from his ambient noise band Helio Taxis.

“Circadian Rhythms” 2009 12 minutes

16mm Color Negative

A Portrait of the Arnold Arboretum in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. The film is a psychedelic experience of the blossoming and fadi

ng of the large selection of beautiful plants there. The sound is derived from tape manipulation recordings by Seamus Williams made in Ja

maica Plain in 2006.

“All Day” 2011 10 minutes

16mm Color Negative

A Portrait of “the back of the house”: dishwasher, prep cooks, and line cooks in a restaurant. The films focus is on the ebbs and flows of a kitchen through out the long working day. Sound is abstracted from the pots, pans, background noise, and personal commentary on being a cook.

Ian Curry Artist Bio

In the spring of 2008 I completed my BFA at Massachusetts College of Art as an Open Major in the Film/Video department. Since then, I’ve continued my work in filming and editing “Having Her Baby” (2008), “Circadian Rhythms” (2009), “Good Morning! My Name Mike.” (2010), “My Parents Cambodia” (2011), and “All Day” (2011). The films I make originate in 16mm or Super 8 film. The subject matter explores the everyday existence of people and places as well as the cameras ability to create new interpretations of them. In all the films I make I try to represent the subject and the environment to put importance on the shared exchange of impact on each other. The way the subject changes the spaces they inhabit and the way the spaces either: strengthen, weaken, or maintain the identity of the subject. The formal concerns of my work are working with light, developing layers, and rhythms inside the camera that create a unique experience of the subject. Many of my film/videos are influenced by: Dziga Vertov, Stan Brakhage, Jonas Mekas, Bruce Conner, and Shirley Clarke.