Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/16/2011 Jonas Mekas Lost Lost Lost

Lost Lost Lost
1976, 178 min. 16mm, color and black & white
"These six reels of my film diaries come from the years 1949-1963.
They begin with my arrival in New York in November 1949...
...The period I am dealing with in these six reels was a period of desperation, of attempts to desperately grow roots into the new ground, to create new memories. In these six painful reels I tried to indicate how it feels to be in exile, how I felt in those years. These reels carry the title Lost Lost Lost, the title of a film myself and my brother wanted to make in 1949, and it indicates the mood we were in, in those years. It describes the mood of a Displaced Person who hasn't yet forgotten the native country but hasn't gained a new one. The sixth reel is a transitional reel where we begin to see some relaxation, where I begin to find moments of happiness. New life begins. What happens later, you'll have to see the next installment of reels ..."

-- Jonas Mekas