Monday, February 7, 2011

in addition on Monday, February 7th at 6 pm a lecture by filmmaker Rose Lowder

The lecture will be held in the MassArt auditorium in Tower Building, 621 Huntington Avenue. Rose is a french filmmaker whose work draws from her background in painting and sculpture. Her lecture will be relevant to anyone concerned with the creative process

In this lecture I shall try to trace how I came, after a long training as an artist, to work with film. How, after having viewed every type of film, edited many for over ten years in the film industry, attended screenings of experimental films from the early 1960's, I was intrigued by the way the cinematographic apparatus worked in relation to the process of perception. While well aware of what had been done by other filmmakers at the time, I discovered some possibilities to develop which needed to be carried out to see where they would go. Without any scientific training I delved into a variety of books on perception while studying the way the visual aspects of successive images made the image on the screen evolve in time and space. Venturing along a number of pathways does not solve to problem of making a good film as there is no need to do what has already been done. To discover a promising line is extremely difficult. Even after accomplished something that seems valid one comes across all sorts of problems which prevent one from advancing for a more less long period. And it depends on one's aim: if one hopes to make a film dealing with a subject which is relevant for today in a way which extends the possibilities of the medium, one has a life time's work ahead without any guarantee of success.
- Rose Lowder