Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3, 2010

So that you know what to expect in advance.

I’ve slowly started to stop making films, less interested lately in producing images than moving them. It’s no longer a matter of framing the shot, I’m talking about projecting. Gathering in the dark, together, is far more important than what we watch. Content is interchangeable, hardly relevant, I care more about the throw. Something gained in this loss, and while it hurt for awhile, these were only growing pains; not killed, stronger. Don’t take this introduction as a dismissal of moviemaking or a disavowal of shadows. Think of it more like a foreshadowing of the beginning of the end.
NEVERTHELESS, tonight’s circus starts with a selection of films spanning early to late, an over-generous sampling of recently recovered, forever premature footage by a bored Midwest high school dilettante with super 8 camera. Expect numerous reels with necessary explanation; context is everything.
But wait, Boston, there’s more! Expect more contemporary pieces previously unseen in the state of Massachusetts, including:
2009, Super 8mm, 34 minutes, black and white, sound.
Steve Dalachinsky, with the aid of Yuko Otomo and cinematographer Andrew Lampert, is given the chance to direct his dream film. This is not that, but rather the result of what they shot that day presented in real time as they filmed it. In the end, this is always what the film was supposed to be; what Steve wanted is another story heard on the soundtrack of the images gathered within. Shot last February on the streets of Soho, and mostly edited in-camera, this movie is never shown the same way twice. JACKA SPADES (a.k.a GET THIS PICTURE HERE) is the second installment in Lampert’s TABLES TURNED trilogy. In this series, the filmmaker hands over direction of the movie to his subjects. “I think I always wanted to be the actor, not the director.” – Steve Dalachinsky from the soundtrack.
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Andrew Lampert, born 1976, St. Louis, MO. Resides in Brooklyn, NY. Primarily makes films, videos and live performances. Screenings, shows and exhibitions include NY Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Whitney Biennial, Getty Museum, Kill Your Timid Notion (Scotland), British Film Institute, The Kitchen, Cinema Project (Portland), Podewil (Berlin) & many others. Collaborates when possible with musicians including Okkyung Lee, Alan Licht, Steve Beresford, Peter Evans, etc. Works as Archivist at Anthology Film Archives, NYC.