Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23, 09

Video Lounge hits the Road

Originally programmed for 4 months of screenings as part of the 2009 DownStreet Art festival in North Adams, MA, the Video Lounge is on the road and heading to MassArt Film Society. Curated by Lana Z Caplan, including works by 15 artists, the Video Lounge is divided into 4 programs which use contemporary video to examine themes from authorship and consumption, cultural taboos, desire and repulsion, relationships, politics and pop culture (with a portrait of an all girl, feminist, 50’s do-wop, punk rock band for good measure). Total running time: 110 minutes


Natalie Bookchin

Katrine Burkitt

Lana Z Caplan (

Goatsilk (

Michelle Handelman (

Saul Levine (

Mike Olenick (

Marisa Olson (

Liz Nofziger (

Adie Russell (

Rich Remsberg (

Anabel Vázquez Rodríguez (

Ben Russell (

Julianna Schley

Suara Welitoff

More information:

Performing for the Camera: Possess and Consume: In each of the videos in this program, the artist uses themselves in the video to create works that examine authorship and consumption, cultural taboos, desire and repulsion.

Re/Use: Looping and recycling: These works use appropriated imagery from archival footage, MTV, 80’s aerobics tapes, and more, recycling to create a contemporary statement examining current issues and ideas under the lens of history repeated.

Video Music: Not made for MTV: A twist on music videos, these works all use music to drive their imagery, subverting the original intention of the music, or of the experience of listening.

Video Portrait: Views into Another: Portraits of relationships, pop culture, an all girl, feminist, 50’s do-wop, punk rock band and a pioneer woman all wrapped up into one powerful look into another.

Online program notes and artist bios from the video lounge in North Adams here: