Wednesday, December 3, 2008


December 3rd, 08
Tracey Maccullion

Tunnel Vision: 1997
Super 8, b&w, 8 min
A dysfunctional relationship between three people takes a dark turn into substance abuse and paranoia.
The film uses the movement of a handheld camera along with body language and severe close ups to create a poetic atmosphere of repressed emotion and dark inner turmoil as the characters endure sinister and unspoken psychic attacks.

"A brief moment in life - greasy and soaked in gin - as seen through peep holes and a
cheap super 8 camera. " - Twighlight World: Super eight Psychotica & Erotica, Mix Festival 2002

16 mm, b&w/color, 31 min

Two young sisters ingest and regurgitate the sickness within their abusive environment through acts of desperation, depravity and rage which intern infects everyone and everything around them like a plague.
Shot with a handheld 16 mm Bolex and edited with an experimental narrative structure, which moves back and forth through past and present. Gash uses the stagey cliches' of exploitative film and mixes it with a multi - layered, aesthetically raw and darkly humorous point of view.

Best of 1999 - Gavin Smith, Film Comment.
"This intense plunge into regressive abjection has the shattering, uncanny power of a living nightmare and the ferocity of a fight to the death. " - Ocularis Cinema
"Gash is an amazingly visceral, highly disturbing and quite remarkable film which combines a punk like sensibility with a touch of the poetry found in the 1940's psychodrama. " - Patrick Friel, Program Director at Chicago Filmmakers from 1996-2007
"Gash is a sustained, primitive cry of rage."-Amy Taubin, film critic for The Village Voice 1987-2001

Mullroy - 2002
16mm - b&w/color - 31 min

A young girl witnesses her troubled sister being violently removed from the family home. When her sister turns up missing she becomes suspicious of other family members and their secrets. As her world becomes increasingly fractured her suspicions become a nightmarish reality. The film uses a disjointed narrative and uses themes of abuse, denial and possession to explore the spiritual and physical confines of a claustrophobic environment where souls cannot break free.

One of the top 13 most notable avant - gaurde films of 2002 - Ed Halter, programer for The New York Underground Film Festival 1995 - 2005 and writer for The Village Voice.

film Trailer for "Strangers"- 2008
b&w/color - Video/ super 8/ tyco toy cam -2 min 30 sec

Dark short about a woman's descent into her downstairs neighbors
unhinged world.