Thursday, December 11, 2008

FALL 2008 schedule

September 10 In Vanda’s Room
Directed by Pedro Costa, Appearing in PersonWith Vanda Duarte, Lena Duarte Portugal/Germany/Italy/Switzerland 2000, 35mm, color, 178 min. Portuguese with English subtitles
September 17 Daniel Flores
EL SALVDOR 1932 AMA La memoria del tiempo
For the first time, since the creation of the Republic of El Salvador, the film producer and director Daniel Flores y Ascencio brings back to the Salvadorean conscious and the country new reality, one of the most dramatic events in their modern history and the nation unsolved historic debt to Indigenous People in to film.
September 24 Ken Brown Shorts
Brown is a filmmaker, photographer, cartoonist and designer. His short films mine his deep fascination with American pop culture, home movies and the world of outsiders and visionary artists.
October 1 Videos by Ann Steuernagle
"I work almost exclusively with found footage of every kind (educational and industrial films, feature film and home movies). Once I have appropriated the footage I practice the art of montage with great pleasure reconfiguring the explicit message of the films. The resulting work offers a critique of gender roles, systems of communication and dubious technological advancements. " -Ann Steuernagel
October 8 James Nares
Showing Roof, Ramp, Waiting for the Wind, No Japs at my funeral, and The Lighthouse. rt: 118
October 15
Shelly Silver's In Complete World
a 53-minute documentary made up of street interviews shot throughout NYC. Mixing political questions (Are we responsible for the government we get?) with more broadly existential ones (Do you feel you have control over your life?), the film centers on the tension between individual and collective responsibility.-VDB
Sue Friedrich's From the Ground Up

The definitive scoop on the coffee trade. "With deep intelligence and a very light touch, Friedrich invites you to wake up and smell the global economy."-Stuart Klawans, author of LEFT IN THE DARK
Bruce Conner's Report

A meditation on violence using edited and re-edited stock and filmed television footage of Kennedy's assassination in 1963.
October 22 Carmelo Bene
Our Lady of the Turks (Nostra Signora dei Turchi)
1968, Italy, 124’, colour

Director: Carmelo Bene Cinematography: Mario Masini Special effects: R. Marinelli Editing: Mauro Contini Music coordinated by Carmelo Bene Production: Carmelo BeneCast: Carmelo Bene, Lydia Mancinelli, Ornella Ferrari, Anita Masini, Salvatore Siniscalchi, Vincenzo Musso
October 29 Torsten Zenas Burns
Ship to Ship (3:00 - variable date) - Torsten Zenas Burns & Mike O’Malley
Extending Trainer: Pressure suits & Broom-crafts (21:00 – 2007) Torsten Zenas Burns
Afterlifers: Walking & Talking (Extendead version)
(23:00 – 2008) HALFLIFERS(Torsten Zenas Burns & Anthony Discenza)
I am today’s lesson plan – (11:00- variable date)Torsten Zenas Burns & Darrin Martin

November 4 Alan Gray(filmmaker will be present)
Please Note: This show is on Tuesday 8pm
FASTER THAN A FAX MACHINE a 90minute music documentery
also live music by Chris Wilhelm and Noah Appel. Also Bullet.
November 5(Filmmakers will be present)
Adrianne Jorge MAKING OUR OWN
This 40-minute documentary follows Boston-based band Neptune as they tour the world with their handmade scrap-metal and electronic instruments. A lifestyle portrait, Making Our Own not only exposes the every day moments and challenges of a band on the fringes of mainstream culture, but also captures the spirit and drive of a collectively created and genre-defying international music community. With interviews and performances from bands, bookers, managers, and fans that Ms. Jorge encountered along the way, including Amsterdam legends The Ex, Roman visionary noise band, Zu, and more.
Ericka Beckman 135 Grand Street 1979
In August 1979 I shot a evening of downtown NYC art scene bands in my friend's loft for VPRO television from Rotterdam. VPRO wanted to do a story on these bands for their current culture magazine program. After the magazine was aired in Fall 1979 in HOLLAND, I received the materials and the rights to use them. They stayed in a box until this Spring, when I was contacted by the MET Museum to cut it for their upcoming April 2009 show 'The Picture Generation'. Sonic Youth heard about this film as well, and asked to use it in their traveling show 'Sensational Fix', which is touring Europe starting July 2008 through 2009.
Some of the bands are: Static, Theoretical Girls, John Lurie and Rhys Chatham-Ericka Beckman

November 12 Gail Vachon
IMAGINE YOU HAD A SON (1994) 4 minutes (DVD)
RAY (1994) 6 minutes (VHS)
LUCKY (2007) 4 ½ minutes (DVD)
NOT NINE (2005) 10 minutes (DVD)

SORRY (2006) 2 min (DVD)
CRYING (2007) 19 minutes (DVD)
MYSTERY (2008) 5 minutes (DVD)
RUBY IN THE CITY (1996) 10 minutes (VHS)
UNTITLED (1977) 10 minutes (16mm)
November 19
Harry Smith
heaven and earth magick
mirror animations
Kenneth Anger invocation of my demon brother
December 3 Tracy MacCullion
Tunnel Vision -1997
Mullroy - 2002
Trailer for "Strangers"-
December 10 Hope Tucker-Cancelled
MANHATTA Charles Sheeler and Paul Strand