Wednesday, February 27, 2008

February 27th we showed...

I PITY THE FOOL by Brent Coughenour, video, 2007, 85 min.
Midwest filmmaker Brent Coughenour, currently touring the east coast, willpresent a screening of his most recent film, I PITY THE FOOL, a narrativecity-poem exploring the devastation left by post-industrial collapse in the city of Detroit.
"Like the pieces of a puzzle, I PITY THE FOOL gradually accrues more elements asit goes on: fragments of narrative combine with other fragments that at firsthave no obvious connection. As opposed to story-lines in many feature-lengthfilms that gradually tie up and resolve their different threads, the focus of the film continues to broaden and expand, becoming more complex, open-ended and mysterious. Undertaking a kind of archaeological search for things nearly recentand long past, the film attempts to re-capture the marginalized and defiantly minor histories of its forgotten tenants."-Luke Sieczek, Northwest Film Forum