Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October 24th 2007
Bill Brown's "Homeland Insecurity"
(Filmmaker will be present)
Homeland Insecurity
2 Border Movies by Bill Brown
Half the problem with borders is finding them. Some are obvious, like the borders between countries, floodlit and fortified; demilitarized zones where desire almost meets what it most desires, then, disappointed or unrequited, throws itself on the razor wire. Other borders we have to look for. Invisible ones we cross without even noticing it. The invisible borders explain a lot: why the places we were born feel like foreign countries; why the bodies we were born into feel like foreign objects.
The Other Side (16mm, 2006, 43m)
A road trip along the 2000-mile border between the United States and Mexico. For migrants traveling north, it's a boundary between scarcity and opportunity. For North Americans on the other side, it's the tenuous line between order and insecurity. (
Confederation Park (16mm, 1999, 32m)
A road trip along the 3000-mile border between the United States and Canada. A pre-9/11 meditation on the nature of national identity as viewed from the snowy landscapes of the north. (
Bill Brown is an independent filmmaker and teacher. He will be touring in October-November. If you are interested in hosting a screening, please contact him: